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                                               Puppy Milk

Can be administered from 1st day of life
- A substitute for mother's milk for puppies from their 1st day of the life
- No vomiting due to nearly complete lactose withdrawal
- No diarrhoea
- Excellent compatibility
- No clotting
- With 15% dextrose
- To feed motherless puppies, as supplement feed in case of insufficient mother's
- To prepare for lactation (milk production of the mother), as feed supplement and
to relieve the lactating dog
- As feed supplement for work dogs, breed dogs, old and ill dogs
                                     Mushy Puppy Feed

- Supplement feed starting from the 3rd week of life to support healthy
- Optimal combination of nutrients and bulky materials
- High percentage of vitamins, minerals and trace elements

- Is effective on the basis of pure natural oils
- 35cm for cats and small dogs (with safety fastener)
- 65cm for large dogs
- Totally innocuous also for young animals
- Protects repeated infestation for about 3 months
- Re-usable and environmentally-friendly
                              Petvital Verminex Shampoo
- Natural vermin protection for all pets against fleas, lice, ticks, mites,
larvae and egg-masses
- It has a repellent effect already after the first usage
- Ph-neutal - therefore gently to the skin
- Removes unpleasant smell and nourishes the coat

Content: 250ml

- Vermin environment spray
- Innocuous even with direct application onto the animal
- The respiration system and the sucking beak of the insects are
obstructed, so they can neither breathe nor eat. At the same time the insect
is dried out by dehydration and dies.
- Also kills larvae and eggs
The active ingredient destroys the chitin plates of the vermin which is then
reliably killed. Larvae and eggs are also destroye
                         Capha DesClean Spray (ready-to-use)
- A ph-neutral cleaning and disinfecting agent for kennels, cages,
transport boxes, vehicles etc
- With bactericide, fungicide, tubercolocide, sporocide and virucide effects
- Even solves skin fat and urine acid
- The same product is used in hospitals and clinics with a different label