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                                    V25 Vitamin Tablets                                                           

- To compensate for feed-related nutritional deficits
- With 11 vital vitamins
- Supports blood formation, protein and lipid metabolismus and keeps the nerve
system healthy
- Especially good for pregnant and lactating dogs, during growth and under all
stress conditions
- Vitamin D is needed to make calcium accessible
                                        Canhydrox GAG

                To strengthen the connective tissue, joints, cartilages, bones,                   
                                              teeth, ligaments and tendons!

- With Hydroxyl apatite: It provides elastic stability and solidity of the bones,
activates the callus formaion, supports the bone formation of straight and well
axial aligned extremities, prevents osteoporosis and is essectial for the bone
- With silica: Helps to strengthen the connective tissue, ligaments, tendons and
With vitamin C: Strengthens the connective tissue and supports strong
anchorage of teeth

- Strengthen ligaments, sinews and musculature
- Formation of a strong skeleton
- Prevents hip dysplasia
- Formation of a strong denture, firm gums, hardening of the dental enamel

For puppies and young dogs:
- Deformed extremities (knock-knees or bow-legs)
- Overextension
- Loose joints
- Loose connective tissue

For fully grown dogs:
- At degradation of joints (arthrosis)
- As support for performance as the elasticity of the bones is enhanced
- As prevention of osteoporosis, joints and motion problems
- After surgery at bones and after fractures for callus formation
         Coat O.K. Tablets                                  

- To prevent biotin deficiency symptoms
- Meets daily requirements
- with 200 mcg biotin/tablet
- In severe cases and during moulting we
recommend Canina's Biotin Forte
                                    Yeast Tablets

- Appetising and tasty supplement feed
- A purely natural product with beer and mineral yeast. It includes all
important components: all B-vitamins, biotin, minerals and high-grade
- B-vitamins act as catalyser in all tissues and are indispensible in the
carbonhydrate and protein metabolism and they support the cell division
- Improves the vitality and strengthens the nerves
- Protects skin and hair and strengthens the claws
- The high content of minerals and trace elements like, calcium and zinc
support the willingness to perform as the production of energy is activated
on cell level
- Strengthen the immune system
- Balances deficiencies of nutrient
- As support at increased energy demand (e.g. breeding puppies, physical
or mental training)
- As an optimal supplement during and after illnesses